First Week Back At Work

The first work week after the New Year's Day holiday seemed never ending.  I guessed that's probably because of the long break I had during the last week of December.  Even though this was a short week (Monday was a public holiday), I couldn't help feel it's as though forever.  Yes, I was rather blue on the first day back at work ...

Half way into the week, things got a lot better.  

The management team shared great news about how the company managed to achieve the overall sales target and how, as employees, we will be rewarded for our hard work to make the success possible.  I could hardly recall when was the last time I received a "spot bonus" as such.  That came as a "pick-me-up" in some sense.  Very thankful as the token of reward arrived in time.

In terms of work, I believe things just got a lot more exciting.  The social campaign is nearly there.  Another online project on the way.  Plus, I have been roped into to a couple of other seemingly interesting projects that will allow me to express my digital prowess.  I can't wait :)  I don't know how things are going to turn out but I will want to make it work, and yet not forgetting my 2012 resolution - Win Human!

Before I went to bed this morning (yes, I happen to be rushing to complete a deck till 3 am), a thought came to my mind.  It's a thought that further proven that I am indeed a very blessed individual in my realm of knowledge about digital.

It all happened many years ago.  I was working in a digital agency, doing technology consulting and implementation work for huge brands like Visa, Nokia, HP and Nike.  When I compared myself with the rest of the team members, I was among one of the few who had the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of digital work and enterprise technology suites.  

I should be happy.  But, I wasn't.

The pay package hardly made any sense; considering the work load, the responsibilities as well as the countless nights and weekends to be sacrificed just to deliver a campaign or launch a website.  I also didn't feel I was genuinely appreciated by the management.  I lamented my manager for not promoting me to an architect role to lead the team.  I felt indignant when recognition was only given to my creative and interactive colleagues - the backend was totally non-existent and the application design architecture which I had burnt my life into was never even being mentioned.  I didn't feel I have a successful career.

One day, I made up my mind and took a bold step forward.  I dropped technology and moved on into project management (with another agency).  Interesting enough, the situation was nowhere better.  Project Managers were never respected and regarded.  We seemed to be a bunch of servants and runners who have to suck up to the creative, the engineering and even the vendors just to get things done and the campaign out on the street.  I didn't experience satisfaction in this career.

Fast forward many years down the road...  Today, I come to realize success is not an outcome.  More importantly, it may not be immediate.  From the recent spate of events, I knew I was, I have been and I am successful.  It also taught me a lesson.  Be patient.  Work hard.  Persevere.  Success will find you!

Looking forward ... the year 2012 ...

"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." -- Abraham Lincoln.

True enough, the future may approach us one day at a time.  However, if we don't keep track of time, reflect on our actions, learn from our mistakes and make the conscientious efforts to constantly improve ourselves, then the future is just going to slip away quickly and quietly.

2011 is coming to an end.  It's the time of the year again whereby I will sit down and reflect on the achievements made, the lessons learnt and the relationships developed over the course of this one year.


I. Professional Life

I left OgilvyOne in end April after a 2.5 year stint with the agency, leaving behind a legacy - the work I had done for Cisco Web 2.0 as well as a few other campaigns for clients such as American Express, Unilever and Nestle Milo.  Looking back, it's been an amazing journey.  Although it was a relatively short stint,  I believe the achievements made had somewhat surpassed that in XM.
  • Got nominated for and completed the agency's most prestigious leadership training and development programme for the up and coming leaders
  • Received a double promotion from Digital PM to Lead PM - felt proud of myself because that's something really rare in an agency.  Note: I DID NOT sleep with my boss nor her boss :-)
  • Completed my PMP training curriculum, sat for and passed my PMP examinations in January - it was quite an achievement considering I had not studied for any exam over the past 9 years.

In May, I joined Aviva Singapore as e-Marketing Manager.  Yes, it was a leap of faith as I ventured across to the "dark side" to take on this client-side role.  Of course, it wasn't easy to begin with and it hasn't really been easy till date.  However, I believe with perseverance, hard work and a little more patience, the efforts will pay off some day.


So, that's it! No more t-shirts and jeans.  It's now back to the shirt-and-pants days.  But don't get me wrong.  I am not whining about having to be in corporate wear.  I merely needed some time to convince myself that I do look "normal" in front of the mirror every morning before I head off to work.

II. Personal life

Evon and I visited Bangkok in April.  It was her very first visit to the capital of The Land of Thousand Smiles.  For me, it felt great to be back at Bangkok after 18 years.  No kidding!  It's been that long.


We visited our family friends, met up for dinner and they brought us around to hunt for real good deals.  That was the same pickup that Uncle Hong drove my parents and I around when we visited him years ago.  Unbelievable huh ... 18 years.  How time flies!

Outside of work, the majority of my time in 2011 revolved around Mama Loo and Baby Clive.  "Wah! How come so no life!" - haha!  Well, I guessed that's the basis of parenting.  Kids grow up too fast.  Before you realise, they are going to  kindergarten and primary school already.  For me, I didn't want to miss out every single moment of Clive's growing up years.   I may not be the perfect Daddy but I just hope to give the best to this little one, and also not forgetting to look after Mama Loo, care for her, love her and cherish her (the very same promises I made when we took our wedding vows in 2006).

In July, we celebrated Baby Clive's very first birthday.  Mama Loo was amazing.  She started planning for the celebration a couple of months in advance, making sure everything was catered for and properly looked into.  I actually thought she'd make an excellent Project Manager.  As for Papa Loo, well, I played the role of a chauffer, runner and financial controller to Mama Loo throughout the whole project.  The outcome?  It was a tremendous success!  Of course, it's got to be! You are looking at two elites from the Media and Digital Advertising industry hor :) tsk tsk!

On the topic of kids growing up too fast - I often relate that to my sister.  We are 11 years apart.  I watch her grow up from a baby to a toddler to a teenager and now a young adult.  Never forget the day when I carried her back home from the hospital - she was  just a little baby.  Now, she's a young lady with great ideals and perspectives of her own.  I actually do feel old already :)

She went on an exchange programme earlier this year to Poland.  From there, she travelled to several parts of Europe with her darling.  Not bad huh!  Such young age, and she had already set foot on Europe.  I must start making plans to visit that place too ... cannot su-seh ... LOL!

III. Social Life

2011 is a year of hectic work schedule and piling family commitments.  My social life this year isn't great.  I rarely get a chance to meet up with my friends for dinner or catch up with them over a cup of coffee.  We are all busy with our career, our family and our pursuits.   If I didn't recall wrongly, for the whole of 2011, Willie, Ron and I only got to meet up once for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  For the other gang of bros & sis, I think it was only twice or thrice at most.

Hopefully, 2012 will be a year in which we get a chance to meet up more often.


1) Perception is reality

I must stress I am not a perfectionist.  I merely take pride in my work.  This is evident in the things I do, the tasks I undertake and the projects I deliver.  In Cantonese, there's a saying that goes "唔亮唔出得街" (translation: if one is not dolled up nicely, one shouldn't go out on to the street).  In short, it is about never do things half-f**k, never accept anything that is sub-standard, never fall for the better if we are actually capable of achieving the best.  Like Seth Godin, I dislike mediocrity and I don't believe compromise is often the solution.  My belief, my principle!

A colleague recently shared with me that I came across as being very harsh and hard-handed on myself and to the people around me.  That left me a little uneasy.  It set me thinking for quite a while.  I couldn't understand how that comes about.  Then, I recalled.  A veteran once shared with me - Perception is reality!  Like it or not, it doesn't matter who you are and what you are.  It's what people think about you, feel about you and "know" about you that's more important.  The way we interact and position ourselves far outweigh what we know and what we're capable of.

2) Balancing Act

The very same feedback made me wonder where exactly is the pivoting point that will enable me to strike that delicate balance of being assertive and flexible.  It didn't sound like an easy task.  Perhaps, that's something worth putting into my to-do list for 2012.

3) My Family

I am very blessed to have a wonderful family.  A loving wife who is caring, supportive and stick by me through the thicks and thins as well as the ups and downs in life.  An adorable mini-me who is growing very quickly everyday and his "killer" cheeky smile never fails to melt my heart.  Ask me one thing that I will never be shy of saying out loud - for sure, it'll be "I love my family."


I may not be a high-flyer.  I may not be driving an A4, staying in a condo, or taking home a five figure salary.  But, I've got this wonderful family.  I've learned to count my blessings.  I am contented and I can't ask for more.   This is my success!

Not forgetting my Dad, my Mum and my sister who are always there to cheer me on.  But recently, they seemed to be more interested in this young man than me :)


"Your parents' age should not be ignored. Sometimes it will be a source of joy, and sometimes it will be a source of apprehension." - Confucius

The start of a brand new year always mark great aspirations and new ideals.  That's good!  However, we mustn't forget it is also an indication of how much time we are left with to be with our loved ones and to be in their company.  Learn to cherish every moment we have with our folks.  That's wisdom!


Cherish the time with my loved ones.

Win human.

Merry Christmas ... 2011 is saying goodbye soon

Merry Christmas! This is indeed a day of joyous celebration.

Christmas Eve was a simple dine-out with Ah Bui Bui and Clive. We reckoned it will be jam packed at Orchard Road and as such we decided we'd give it a miss. Moreover, the bad weather had dampened the spirit quite a bit and we also did not want to get trapped in the flood (or by now, the authority has gracious branded it "pond").

Perhaps when Clive gets a little older, we can bring him out and let him experience more of the festive mood.

Oh! I just realised for the whole of 2011, I actually wrote less than 10 blog posts. I supposed it has indeed been a very hectic year for me.

In a few more days, it's going to be bye 2011 and hello 2012. Guess it's time for me to sit down, do some reflections and pen down my new year resolutions.

I am blogging again

It's been three months since my last blog post.  Some may wonder, with Facebook, Twitter and other social media & social networking tools, who on earth still blog.  Well, I guess each social networking tool has its purposes and people use them differently for different needs.

Everything's great over the last three months.

I joined Aviva Singapore in May.  The new job has been keeping me busy.  It's always an uphill task having to adjust and adapt to a new working environment, new processes and a new culture.  Thankfully, the people are generally nice and I have got a good boss, along with very supportive team mates.

I finally got myself enrolled into a Wing Chun class. Given that I hardly exercise, I reckon this will be a good form of workout to keep fit and at the same time master some self-defence techniques. I enjoy the lessons so far. And I am thankful that ah Bui Bui has been pretty supportive of me; I get to have some personal time on a Friday evening, doing things I like.

Come 30 Jul will be Clive's first birthday. Ah Bui Bui and I are getting really excited. She has got all the ground work prepared. Everything's good to go. Me? Well, I just need to get my wallet ready to process the invoice =) How time flies! Clive is a big boy now ....

More updates to follow ... (I hope so)

Into the Alumni - Ex-Orr-Gee-Vee PMs

It was a great catch-up earlier with my ex-colleagues from OgilvyOne.  Tris, Keng, Sian Hua, Rebecca, Lynda and I met up for a sumptuous steamboat dinner at Crytsal Jade, PS .  Yes, with effect from 15th April, Tris became my ex-colleague as I joined the rest of the guys to be part of the alumni.

Perhaps it may seem shameless of me to coerce Siannie into organizing a steamboat dinner for us.  But then, you know what?  I don't care (an infamous quote from an infamous PM) !  What's most important is that there's good food, beer and it's the same old good bunch of kakis to rant and gossip =)

Someone commented that I don't have friends in the company.  Actually, it's true.  In general, the folks in the company were my colleagues.  Friends?  Well, I have plenty - outside of the company.  Nothing is far greater than to have colleagues-turn-friends.  Such friendship is authentic, genuine and priceless.  Something that this dude probably won't get it.  But, it's okay.  This dude doesn't care anyway.

In any case, I am also thankful for the simple lunchie organized by Eugenia, Peter and guys in the afternoon.  Not forgetting my comrade Jackson who hopped by and joined us for the mini-farewell.  I was very touched by their kind gestures.

This pizza fiesta was initiated and organized by folks outside of my department.  Interestingly, my department lunch never happen anyway.  Of course, it wouldn't happen!  Why would it?  It will indeed be a surprise if it did =)

Packed ... All set to go ... FTP

Looking forward ... the year 2011 ...

It seemed as though it was just yesterday when I penned this post on my blog.  How amazing! Before I realized, Christmas had come and gone.  In a short while, it will be "Bye 2010 - Hello 2011".  At this moment, I am just counting down to midnight and getting myself to welcome the brand new year ahead.


I. Professional Life

2010 has been a pretty rewarding year for me in my professional career.  I completed my tour of duty as Cisco Web 2.0 Program Lead and successfully handed over the account to my colleague.  I received my promotion.  I became a team lead.  I was nominated for NLDP and I completed it.  I attended the PMP training and will be sitting for my examination in January 2011.  Keeping my fingers crossed for this examination.

While there were ups, there were also down.  The last lap of 2010 did prove to be somewhat depressing for me.   I had to deal with an obscene situation, with an annoying character and with a bizarre role bestowed onto me.  Over the last two weeks, I spent time reflecting about the whole situation and I became certain on the crux of the problem.  It also became clear - there ain't going to be a solution.

II. Personal Life

On 30th July this year, Ah Bui Bui and I welcomed a new member into our family.  He's our son - Clive Loo.  Yes!  We became Daddy and Mummy to this adorable baby boy.  He is a smiley baby.  His smiles never fail to melt our hearts.  As of writing, Clive is currently five months old.  He's doing mighty fine and will be taking cereals and porridge pretty soon.

If you were to ask me this question "What's the most rewarding thing in life?" I will not hesitate to reply "Family".  Essentially, it's not only just about the children, the siblings or the parents.  It's about being together as one family.  To me, I am thankful to have a very loving family.  I attribute this fortune and blessing to the good deeds that I had accumulated in my past lives.  And I certainly do treasure this blessing.

The year 2010 also marked several traumatic experiences for myself.
  • A close relative of mine passed away
  • A close colleague of mine passed away
  • A siam-buay-hu episode of my car being kissed kar-chng by a drink driver
  • A dunno wtf incident of the first

Yes, the prophecy did come true.  "You are going to be very busy towards the end of the year."  How true!  Well, what to do?  Just have to take it as it comes.  There are somethings in life that we have absolutely no control over.  For my case, the only difference being - it's not some, it's plenty.

Well, I've got no intention to give things up just like that.  Often, I told myself - In a way, it's probably a life-enriching experience.  After going through the ordeals, and if I am still alive, I survive and I just got a little stronger and more experienced that my peers.

Happy must go through.  Not happy also must go through.  Why not then channel whatever energy I have into doing something meaningful and worthwhile rather than wasting it away on things that I've got absolutely no control over.

III. Bye Bye HTC - Hello iPhone 4

Yes, I finally iPhoned ...  Windows 6.5, please go to hell - piece of crap!

This gadget is evolutionary indeed!

IV. Bye Bye PC - Hello Mac

The HP laptop which Father bought for me three years ago finally decided to call it a day.  Well, it gave me a good opportunity (or was it an excuse) to go forward and try something new.  Yes, I finally converted!  Loving my MBP :)

This lovely piece of creation was shipped from Shanghai to Singapore.  Now, I am a finally a proud owner of MBP. Yea!


It's somewhat interesting to note that I actually don't seem to have a lot of reflections for this year.  I am not sure if that's because I am simply too busy or been too occupied by work and things at home.

I. The Goods

We are all wonderful and amazing in our very own ways.  Let's not undermine our capabilities or inner potentials.  We don't see it doesn't necessarily mean that we don't have it.  Very often, that's because it lies quietly in the blind-spot area.  All it takes is to have someone point it out to you and lead you the way.

We have limited time.  Let's not waste time procrastinating yes/no, to-do/not-to-do, maybe/maybe-not.  Identify the goal, understand the objectives and JFDI!  Whatever amount of time save in this process, it belongs to you.  Cherish it.

II. The Bads

Beware of the ill sentiments - negativity is viral and contagious - once it's started, it'll never end

Beware of the ill intentions - no cure because it stems from the dark side - only to exercise precautions


Stay healthy
Be a good hubby
Be a good daddy
Participate in Standard Chartered Marathon 2011

All I want for this Christmas

Dear Santa,

I have been a good son, a good brother, a good hubby and a good daddy for the whole of 2010.  Now, Christmas is near the corner.  If I could ask for a gift, I like to have a brand new ...

Honda Civic VTI 1.6(A) 2009 Face-lift

Would you please grant me this wish on this Christmas?

Short But Fulfilling Break

How time flies!  One week.  It comes and goes.  Tomorrow, it's back to that abyss.

It might have been a relatively short break.  However, I am most contended.  It's been the most meaningful (albeit tiring) one week in my life - looking after Clive together with Ah Bui Bui.  That sort of fulfillment is unparalleled.  Clive's smiles truly melt our heart.  He's such a cutie pie!  We are convinced - it's all worth it.

The remaining of October as well as the whole of November will be an extremely busy period for myself.  I am bracing myself for the mad rush.  I am just looking forward to the December break.  I will then get to spend most of the day time with Clive and Ah Bui Bui.

Now, I truly understand why those folks before me, will always do their best to stay focus, complete their work for the day and leave the office early to be back home to be with their loved ones.  Family bonding - Priceless!

Facet of Lives - Random Rantz

In life, we often come across people whom we like and people whom we don't like.  For the latter, it's not a matter of bearing with them; it's about accepting them and learning how to deal with them.

People who dropped you shit may not be your enemy.  People who pulled you out of the shit may not be your friend either.  So, do watch out.

Earlier, I saw a very interesting note on Facebook posted by an ex-colleague of mine.  It goes something like: 小时候, 幸福是很简单的事。 可是长大后, 简单则是幸福的事。 How interesting, isn't it?

Aspiration and Reality - Often, the two are worlds apart.  Not many people can marry the two together.  For those who can and for those who did, congratz and well done!

Yes.  I am approaching that tipping point again.  But, this time round, I will be handling it in a different way.  It's not unexpected.  It's change!

New Leaders Development Programme (NLDP)

Every two years, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore will organize the New Leaders Development Programme (NLDP) for the up-and-coming individuals within the agency network - Ogilvy Advertising, OgilvyOne, Ogilvy PR, Redworks and etc.  This is an intensive experiential leadership training programme specially crafted to impart the essential skills and techniques to becoming an effective leader.

Applicants are required to attend an interview session conducted by the programme director and the course trainers.  The interview is a stringent selection process.  I am most honoured to be selected as one of the eleven participants from the Singapore's office.  The remaining four participants came from the Kuala Lumpur's office.

NLDP 2010, like the previous batches, all three chapters of the training were conducted off-site.

13 Aug - 15 Aug: Outward Bound School (OBS), Pulau Ubin

11 Sep - 14 Sep: G-Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

24 Sep - 26 Sep: Nirwana Resort Hotel, Bintan, Indonesia

Through NLDP, I learned a lot more about myself.  The self-awareness component suddenly manifested and I became more conscious about my own personality as well as that of those around me.  I started to move myself out of that shell and convinced myself that I can do it.  This, of course, turned out to be something that's highly visible not only to my bosses but also to the people whom I interact with at work.

As far as I can and as much as I could, I'll put what I had learnt to good use.  I aspire to grow to become that someone who will walk into a room, light up the room, and after I exit, the room remains lighted.  It's not going to be easy but well, no one promises that in the first place.

Every experience in life will take us somewhere.  However, once we are there, what we make out of it and what becomes of us, we decide.

Baby Clive is two months old

How time flies!  Baby Clive is finally two months old.  Ah Bui Bui and I simply can't believe how quickly Clive has grown.  He's 6+ kg heavy and 62 cm tall.  According to our PD, he's doing really well - good weight gain and just the right height for a baby at his age.

Of course, I like to give credit to my MIL who's been with us ever since the confinement auntie left.  She has been doing most of the "night duties" just so that I can get a good night rest and have the energy for work the next day.  Without her support,  Ah Bui Bui and I would not have managed well.

Indeed, parenting is no easy task.  It is a life-long commitment.  There are surprises along the way and there will be daunting times.  However, at the end of the day, Ah Bui Bui and I know.  It's all worth it!

Clive's Full-Month Celebration

How time flies! Evon and I celebrated Clive's full-month (满月) today in the presence of our parents, relatives, colleagues and friends.

We were thankful to all our guests who turned up and joined us in the celebration, along with their gifts and token of thoughts.

Look at him.  He's sleeping so soundly in Evon's arm.  Truly a bundle of joy :)

30 Jul 2010 - Welcome Baby Clive

Today, 30 Jul 2010, Evon and I celebrate the birth of our newborn - Clive Loo

Charlie + Evon = ClivE

This bundle of joy didn't come easy.  It was 8 hours of struggle for Evon. Had I not witnessed it myself personally, I can never imagine the amount of pain mothers were to put through during labour.

One realization - while you are out having fun and celebrating your birthday with that usual gang of bros and sis, on this special day of yours, never forget about your mother - the sacrifices and the pain she took to bring you into this world.  NEVER undermine that!

Moving forward, Clive will be our binding element ... now & forever ...
Ah Bui Bui and I were at Louis Vuitton, Orchard ION earlier. She bought me a damien graphite wallet for my birthday gift. Thank you Dear!

Birthday Gift from Ah Bui Bui

Yes, I'll be 32 next Thursday. How time flies! I can't believe it. WTF! I am going to be 32? No!!!! Let me be at 25 please. At 25, I can go partying and hang out with lots of babes. But at 32, I can only hang on to my Ah Bui Bui.

OK, enough of the bullshit. Actually deep down in me, I know, growing old with my darling is always my blessing and I cherish that - every single bit and every single moment.

Baby Clive's Wish List

Ah Bui Bui and I are expecting Baby Clive to join us "Live-in Singapore" on 9 August 2010. To welcome his arrival, we have been very busy lately, charting out a wish list for him. We believe there will certainly be some lovely uncles and aunties, along with some gor-gors and zeh-zehs who will be kind and generous enough to sponsor some of the items in Clive's wish list.

1) Car Seat - Combi Coccoro - Still Wishing
Preferred Colour: (1st) hazelnut, (2nd) cool mint

2) Pram - Maclaren Techno XT - Settled! - Papa Loo, thank you!
Preferred Colour: (1st) Black, (2nd) Chacoal Gray

3) Bouncer - Fisher Price - Infant-to-Toddler Rocker (# P3334) - Still Wishing

4) Baby Gym - Fisher Price - Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym(# K4562) - Still Wishing

5) Carrier - BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Air - Still Wishing

6) Baby Food Warmer - Philips Digital Bottle Warmer SCF260 - Still Wishing

7) Baby Seat - Bumbo Baby Sitter - Still Wishing
Preferred Colour: (1st) blue, (2nd) lime green

Wait! You think that's it huh? You wait long long lor. Haha! The list goes on .... to be continued :p

Back Home - Lancer - Tuesday, 8 June 2010

816 hours later, Baby Lancer is finally back in action again.

It's been a long wait.

The only thing that is outstanding right now will be the claim issue.

I just hope it will end soon.

Sighz... The next thing on my mind - will the insurance co jack up my premium?

Black Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 21:30

Black Tuesday.  This is what I will call it.  It's the worst day (night to be exact) in the whole of my entire life.  There's no doubt about it.  Ah Bui Bui and I met a traffic accident that night.

We were travelling in the centre lane along Lornie Road when we approached a U-turn bay.  From a distance, I saw a sedan rom the opposite side of the road waiting by the bay, getting ready to make a U-Turn.

Little did I expect, as my car came nearer and nearer, the driver of that vehicle, suddenly did a U-turn and his car actually cut right into the centre lane.  I horned and immediately applied my foot brake to stop my car.

I came so close to that car that I thought a collision was inevitable.  Fortunately, I did manage to put my car to a stop in the nick of time avoid an accident.

But, in the blink of an eye, a lorry from the back rammed right onto my car.  The impact was so strong that my car got pushed forward and I knocked the back of my head against the head-rest.


As you can see from the pictures above (taken outside the TP car pounding area), the impact of the collision was so strong that the back of my car ended up with such a severe damage.

Ah Bui Bui and I was admitted into the hospital that night.  Ah Bui Bui is already 6.5 months pregnant.  We were so afraid that we may lose our unborn child.  Thank God!  Baby is all right.  We counted our blessings.  The impact resulted from the collision could have easily claimed our lives on the spot.  The fact that I am writing this blog right now has somewhat reflected the luckiness in the most unlucky situation.

Coming up next ... I am sure it will be letters from TP, insurance companies and maybe even from the lawyers over the settlement of claims.  Sighz!

Key chain for the car key

After weeks of searching, I finally found a key chain that I like and I bought it.

Braun Buffel Key Chain

Happy :)

AsiaOne Adventure Race - Taking the group pic

Ah Bui Bui and I met up with Keng, Siannie and Shiqin at SIM to take a group photo for our AsiaOne Adventure Race submission. Goodness, we were all so busy with our stuffs that we completely forgotten about the submission deadline for the race. Thankfully, we were all able to meet up earlier. Otherwise, I guess it might end up to be a miss.

Ah Bui Bui helped us to take several group shots. We had a few serious ones as well as several funky ones. It looked like Keng will have a hard time picking the one out of the many to execute his art direction.

Do Re Mi Fa ... Funky 3 Do Re Mi Fa ... Serious 2

After the shoot, we went to Bukit Timah for dinner/supper. It was a great Thursday evening to meet up with them and we certainly had lotsa cock to talk :p

OK. The photos were taken. Siannie will pull that 200-words essay out from her a** while I will have to squeeze some brain juice to churn out the team name. BIG IDEA! Come quickly!

AsiaOne Adventure Race

I am really looking forward to participate in the AsiaOne Adventure Race (Season 2).  It will be held on 17th April 2010, Saturday.  A total of 15 teams will be selected to drive around in a MINI and compete in the race.  I believe it is going to be a very exciting experience for myself and the rest of my team mates.

Yes.  I've managed to form a team of four with my colleagues / ex-colleagues.  I am most honoured to have Siannie, Shiqin and Keng to join me in the team.  They are pretty experienced drivers who have more years of driving experience than myself.  I shouldn't need to worry too much when we get onto the road.

As far as the team requirements are concerned, I believe we fulfilled all the items listed.  Hence, the next steps will be to:
  1. brainstorm and decide on the team's name
  2. prepare a photograph featuring all team members
  3. write a 200-words essay to convince the organizer why we deserve to be selected
I am rather confident that we can deliver something truly impressive given the fact that we work (worked) in a leading edge creative agency.  Hopefully, we'll get to "wow" the judges and be one of the 15 teams selected for the race.

Let's hope everything goes well.
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